Vegetable Scrubber

Handcrafted from Sweden, this durable and water resistant brush is made from oil treated birch and a union mixture.  Perfect for scrubbing potatoes or root vegetables. Bristle material is a union mixture of bassine and white fibre.

Bassine Bristles (Borassus Flabellimormis) or the sago palm grows in the East Indies as well in Sir Lanka. The process of threshing the dried palm leaves releases the leaf fibres. These are brownish color and characteristically the bassine is softer and more fragile than other piassavas. The Colombo bassine from Sir Lanka is a more rigid type of Bassine.

White fibre, Mexican fibre or Tampico is extracted from the leaves of certain species of Agave (Agaves Sisalana, Agave Foreyodes) which grows mainly in Mexico. The fleshy leaf of the Agave plant is cut off and threshed, after which it´s beaten with sticks so that the fibres are released. The natural colour varies from green to yellowish-white although the fibre can also be black or brown as well as grey.