Premium Natural Beeswax Wrap Economical Roll 14" x 75"

Reduce your plastic usage with Bees4Seas Eco-friendly, Reusable Natural Beeswax Food Wrap. Customize your wrap sizes for all your food storage needs, with our extra large Economical roll 14"x75".

Customize how much you need by cutting off exact amounts.

Simply warm the wrap with your hands and wrap your food or containers!


1.  Georgia tree resin-- to create a malleable product, that clings tightly to food and bowls, making these food storage wraps a great plastic alternative.Tree Resin also contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

2.  Coconut oil- for additional antimicrobial properties, keeping your food safe and fresh, without plastic cling wrap or plastic baggies.

3.  Pure Jojoba Oil from Arizona- locks the food freshness in and guarantees the perfect cling.

4.  Beeswax-sustainably sourced and pure

5.  Organic unbleached cotton- from Georgia

How to care for your wraps:

Simple wash your wraps with an eco-friendly dish soap and warm water. Air dry and reuse. Your wraps will last several months, and when your ready to dispose the food wrap is biodegradable and compostable. Once wraps begin to loose their cling, simply revitalize with a new coat of beeswax or dispose in your garden.