Eco-Friendly Beeswax Food Wrap-3 pack

These things are the "bees" knees!  Ditch your plastic wrap and store food safely.  Naturally antibacterial and waterproof, you'll love using these over and over again and compost when wax has been worn.  


1 Large 14x14 inch, 1 Medium 12x12 inch & 1 Small 8x8 inch 


100% Recycled Cotton, beeswax sourced from Michigan, pine rosin & cold-pressed Jojoba oil.


Use the heat from your hands to warm up the wrap before using it to create a seal around your bowls, cups, jars, and food. Just rinse and air dry.  Easy to use, reusable and biodegradable!


With a belief in sustainability, being Earth-friendly, and leaving things better than how you found them, these are all lessons Bee Joyful teaches her 5 children, whom, by the way, are active participants in the making of each product.