1pt Infusion Cocktail Pack-Whiskey

Using natural ingredients and honest craftsmanship, these easy infusion blends for your alcohol and spirits are the ultimate solution to perfecting your craft cocktails at home in less than 6 hours.


The Cocktail Pack includes six specialized packets of blends:

2x Ginger Blend Packets / 2x Barrel Blend Packets / 2x Spiced Vanilla Blend Packets 

Pack Notes:

This cocktail pack allows you to easily craft classic cocktails with Teroforma's signature 1pt Infusion blends. Contains 2 packets each of our Ginger, Barrel and Spiced Vanilla infusion blends—enough blend material to infuse 3 full standard bottles of spirits for 36 cocktails.

Blend Notes:

Ginger: One of the wonder ingredients of the ancient world, ginger is prized in global cuisine as a fragrant aromatic. As the name implies, this single focus blend highlights the tangy complexity of straight ginger, where its properties as an appetite stimulant can be put to good use in a wide range of aperitifs and cocktails.

Barrel: This refined mixture of exotic teas combines with perfumed notes of clove, dandelion root, and vanilla to produce a powerful, elegant, woody blend with notes of leather that pairs deliciously with dark spirits. Unapologetically rich and sophisticated.

Spiced Vanilla: This blend moves far beyond the simple vanilla pod into a more sophisticated presentation of this classic flavor. A gentle black tea combines with subtle hints of spice and elderberry to achieve a more decorated alternative to plain vanilla.  A natural partner for the sweetness of bourbon or rum, either neat or in a cocktail.

Designer: Anna & Andrew Hellman (USA)
Material: 2 Ginger Blend Packets (Ginger / Elderflower), 2 Barrel Blend Packets (Dark Wuyi  / Wood Dragon / Puerh / Dandelion Root / Clove / Vanilla Rooibos), 2 Spiced Vanilla Blend Packets (Vanilla Rooibos / Black Mao Feng / Decorated Rooibos / Allspice / Clove / Elderberries)
Origin: USA