Cocokind Organic Rosewater Facial Toner

This must-have, single ingredient, organic rosewater toner helps clean, soothe, and hydrate your skin. suitable for use along every step of your skincare routine, this toner also helps ph balance skin and prep it for the moisturizing step. you can use as much as you like – and even throughout the day for a refresh!
  • acting as a double cleanser
  • hydrating and soothing skin
  • ph-balancing skin to regulate oil production
  • setting makeup
  • providing a mid-day refresh

How to use:

the rosewater toner softens and soothes skin, while also reducing dryness and leaving skin refreshed.

  1. use after cleansing in the am and pm, or throughout the day for a refresh
  2. spray onto cotton pad and gently pat over face, or spray directly onto face
  3. can be mixed with any of our moisturizing oils for increased absorbency of nutrients and moisture
  4. can also be used to set makeup


organic rose hydrosol

Certified organic   non gmo certified vegan