Cocokind Full Brow Balm

Style, nourish, and add fullness to your brows.

Our organic brow balm is full of nutrient-rich ingredients such as castor oil, cacao powder, and jojoba oil that help feed your brow hairs and follicles.

Tinted with cacao powder, it adds around a half shade to any hair color to increase fullness while delivering superfood antioxidants.


  • nourishing hairs to promote fullness
  • acting as a substitute for brow makeup or gel

How to use:

This organic full brow balm delivers key nutrients and antioxidants to hair follicles, improving circulation and promoting thick and healthy brows. slightly tinted using organic raw cacao powder, it is suitable for all hair colors and helps create full brows with increased definition.

Use this balm as a brow treatment at night and styler during the day!

Apply a small amount to finger and lightly sweep through brows, shaping and styling as needed. the cacao tint adds around 1/2 shade to any hair color.