Brookie Dough Ooey OMG Marshmallow Goodness

OMG Dough....AKA..Ooey Marshmallow Goodness

So what does that mean? XO Marshmallow's OMG is our version of marshmallow creme -- a delicious, whipped spreadable marshmallow that's perfect for so many yummy treats!

Use it to top cocoa, make a s'more, use as cupcake frosting, or dollop some on ice cream.

Mix some with peanut butter, spread on toast, and make a fluffernutter! Or...grab a spoon and dive right in! No matter how you enjoy it, it will leaving you saying... OMG!

Brookie Dough OMG Ingredients: 

  • pure cane sugar, cream of tartar, pasteurized egg whites, non-high fructose corn syrup, kosher salt, pure vanilla extract, gluten free edible dough (gluten free flour, sugar, butter, vanilla, chocolate chips), gluten free chocolate brownies