1pt Infusion Cocktail Pack-Mulled Wine

Using natural ingredients and honest craftsmanship, these easy infusion blends for your alcohol and spirits are the ultimate solution to perfecting your craft cocktails at home in less than 30 minutes.

The Mulled Wine Pack includes six specialized packets of blends:

3x Mulled Red Blend Packets / 3x Mulled White Blend Packets

Pack Notes:

This special seasonal mulling pack allows you to enjoy cozy mulled wine with  Teroforma's signature 1pt Infusion blends! Contains single packets of Mulled Red and Mulled White infusions and enough blend material to infuse six full standard bottles of wine – just right for an introduction to 1pt during the chilly winter months.

Blend Notes

Mulled Red: Over the winter period in much of northwestern Europe, holiday gatherings are often made all the more cheery with a batch of warmed red wine fortified with spices and citrus.  Based on a family recipe for classic Swedish Glögg, this blend is best infused in a full-bodied red wine with a bit of added natural sweetness.

Mulled White: A variation on a family recipe for classic Swedish Glögg, this blend mulls white wine instead of red.  The lighter spices and airy lemon verbena combine with apple and the peppery notes of ginger and peppercorn to accentuate the sunny character of a fruity white.  Add a bit of natural sweetness to ward off the winter doldrums.

Designer: Anna & Andrew Hellman (USA)
Material: 3 Mulled Red Blend Packets (Orange Zest / Cinnamon / Ginger / Cardamom / Clove / Allspice / Elderberries), 3 Mulled White Blend Packets (Lemon Verbena / Cardamom / Apple / Ginger / Pink Peppercorns)

Made in USA.