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Home is sacred—our safe harbor, our sanctuary, our hearts on display. At Dapper Dwelling, we believe that the products that we live with affect not only our wellbeing, but that of our community and the future of our world. Our store is a labor of love, born of a passion for social responsibility and slow living. Dapper Dwelling products are made with the utmost quality and specific intention to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle for years to come. We curate and use the products we sell.  By connecting consumers with makers, growers, and dreamers, we can create a world with fewer chemicals and more craftsmanship.

About Brooke and Christopher Keele

Like many parents, Brooke and Christopher draw inspiration from their children and the legacy they hope to leave them: a healthier life and community and the tools to follow their passions. The Keeles value integrity and resourcefulness above all—composting their food, utilizing rain barrels for their gardens, and teaching their daughters the importance of sustainability.

Their store mirrors their story. They choose handmade over mass-produced, home-grown over store-bought, conscience over cost, action over indifference. The Keeles want to know you and your family, to gain your trust, to invite you into their village.

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