The Great Easter Egg Hunt

April 15, 2019

The Great Easter Egg Hunt

I have a confession......................................

We don't give our kids Easter baskets (insert gasps). 

A few years ago we realized:

1.  Our kids have to much stuff the way it is, they dont need all this extra candy from the Easter eggs AND a basket filled with things that they play with for 5 minutes then get tossed in a corner or eventually end up in a landfill.

2.  We ran out of time...honestly, this was the real reason we stopped giving Easter baskets.  It was the night before and we realized we hadn't done anything, so we found justification for reason #1.

We did have some plastic eggs left over and, like any good parent-improvised.  It was such a hit, we have done this every year since and the kids really like it, even giving us ideas.

So what do we do? 

Instead of filling plastic eggs with candy, we fill them with notes of events they can do all year round.  Like date night with dad or mom or movie night of their choice.  They can cash them in whenever they like (based on your rules of course).  

We also fill the plastic eggs with loose change from around the house.  They can either keep that change if they are saving up for something big, or you can get a few larger priced items and "sell" them to your kids if they have enough change from the Easter hunt.

What happens when one sibling gets all the "date with dad" cards and wants to trade?  Negotiating skills start to come into play and it's kind of fun to watch them compromise and work together until they each are happy.

We also let the kids decide what events they want to put in the eggs.  As they get older, their requests change and we adapt.  Again-these don't have to be expensive but it gets them excited about the hunt.  

Not sure what do offer?  I attached a link below for a list of ideas ready to print, or you or your kids could write them all out.

Easter Egg Ideas

Need a basket idea?

Reusable Canvas Tote: We have gotten canvas totes in the past from Hobby Lobby and let the kids decorate them with an iron on design or color on them with markers and reused them for groceries or the girls use them for sleep-overs, etc. 

Do you have a Easter tradition your family loves that's not the norm?

I would love to hear them!  Leave your comments below.


Happy Hunting!




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